What’s Happening In Your Community?

What’s Happening In Your Community? is a weekly column that focuses on non-profit organizations and events seeking to improve the lives of others. Find out how people around the world are promoting change through innovation and how you can help out.

Who Are They?

Over the last ten years the internet has revolutionized how we connect to one another around the world and how we gather information. It provides us with instantaneous communication, entertainment, business and health advice, and the data we need to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to, or can afford, the internet and the services it provides. One such group is the rural poor of Africa.

Farm Radio International is a Canadian based charity that seeks to provide rural African farmers with relevant and helpful information through the cheap and accessible medium of radio. Founded in 1978, the charity has established a network of local broadcasters throughout 39 African countries and provided them with the training and informational resources needed to meet the needs of small farmers.

What Do They Do?

Farm Radio International currently offers five programs to its partners:

  • Scripts and Voices:  Farm Radio International creates radio scripts discussing important issues and sends them to broadcasters who can adapt the content to local conditions.
  • African Farm Radio Research Initiative: AFRRI is a project undertaken by Farm Radio International in association with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to assess the effectiveness of farm radio on meeting the food security needs of rural farming households in Africa.
  • Farm Radio Weekly:  This is a weekly newsletter that provides Farm Radio International members and affiliates with the scripts and resources needed to broadcast effective and relevant information to their listeners.
  • Climate Change Radio Drama: For many farmers in Africa the effects of climate change have drastically altered the ways in which they are able to farm. Radio dramas allow their listeners to hear how characters in similar circumstances understand and cope with the situation.
  • Radio Scriptwriting Competitions: Scriptwriting competitions allow the Farm Radio International to showcase and recognize the talent of individual broadcasters providing important information to rural farmers.

How Can I Help?

The foremost goal of Farm Radio International is the promotion of knowledge among rural African farmers that will help them achieve the food security they need to survive. To help these farmers make an equitable income, the charity asks its supporters to buy Fair Trade products and to take part in discussions regarding sustainable development.

You may support Farm Radio International by donating funds via phone, mail, or online. To find out more and how to do so, visit here.

You can also follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Do you run or know of a charity or aid organization in your area that deserves more coverage? If so, contact the La(z)y Intellectual by sending an email to d.burbidge at lazyintellectual.com

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