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No matter your background, the Armchair unites us Intellectuals.

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The La(z)y Intellectual is a website devoted to the discussion of important social, political, philosophical, and discursive issues that shape who we are and how we understand the world around us. As our daily lives speed up, and the amount of information we have to process increases, there arises an ever greater need to slow down and reflect on these important topics. By providing informed content and analysis we hope the La(z)y Intellectual can be the place where you can accomplish this.



With the advent of blogging there is no shortage of opinions to be found on the internet and while at times thought provoking, they ask you to do little more than accept or disregard them. The content on the L(a)zy Intellectual, while certainly not free of opinions, will place a greater emphasis than most on the raw, first-hand information you need to reflect objectively and critically on important issues. To that end you can expect to see an abundance of primary sources and interviews supplemented by well researched and substantive reports. We’ll provide the information; you provide the opinions.


What does it mean to be La(z)y?

The La(z)y Intellectual is a play on words that combines the meanings of “Lazy” and “Lay” together. “Lay” derives from the Greek word laikos (λαϊκός) which means “of the people” and is commonly used in reference to practices associated with the average person rather than an elite educated class (i.e. a Priest or an Academic). The juxtaposition of “Lay” and “Intellectual” therefore presents us with a paradox as the former implies an average individual with little specialized training whereas the latter implies an elite individual with a great deal of training. Although paradoxical, we here at the La(z)y Intellectual believe it accurately represents the idea that “not all Academics are Intellectuals and not all Intellectuals are Academics.”

We believe that the difference between a Lay person and an Intellectual lies not in their capacity for critical and objective thought, but in the opportunities afforded them to demonstrate it. Often unable to raise the funds or dedicate the time required to pursue formal Intellectual and Academic accreditation, Lay people take a much slower and “Lazier” approach to their studies: through reading books, talking with friends, and surfing the internet in their free time. Although possessing no honorary title, the contributions of these “Lazy Lay Intellectuals” to public discourse are critical to the continued health of Modern Society and it is our hope that the La(z)y Intellectual will provide them with the opportunities necessary to demonstrate their intelligence and importance.


Journalistic Principles:

Securing interviews with the people you need to hear from requires that interviewees feel safe talking with us and that their opinions will not be presented unfairly or out of context. To provide this assurance to them, and to you as reader, we will adhere to the following journalistic principles:

  • All interviewees will be informed of and allowed to review the interview’s questions beforehand.
  • All interviewees are allowed to refuse to answer a question asked by the La(z)y Intellectual without consequence or speculation as to their reasons for doing so.
  • All interviewees are allowed to speak to the La(z)y Intellectual anonymously and their identity will not be revealed unless they instruct the La(z)y Intellectual to do so.
  • All interviewees are provided with copies of their interview transcripts to verify their statements and to make additional comments if necessary.
  • If, prior to the publishing of their interview, the interviewee no longer wishes to be used as a source the La(z)y Intellectual will anonymize their information or remove it from the publication.
  • The writers of the La(z)y Intellectual do not accept gifts from individuals or corporations being interviewed. Gifts include: travel and hotel costs, money, sponsorships, and products with a value of more than $20.
    • Where the acceptance of travel or accommodation is unavoidable (due to cost or circumstance) a statement acknowledging this fact will be attached to all relevant articles.



Darius Burbidge
Darius Burbidge is the lead writer and creator of the La(z)y Intellectual. Receiving a Bachelor’s degree in History and Religion & Culture from Wilfrid Laurier University, with a minor in Muslim Studies, Darius’ contributions to the La(z)y Intellectual reflect the rigid work ethic, extensive research skills, and ability to communicate clearly that he developed as an undergraduate.

After being accepted into the Master’s program of a prestigious West Coast university Darius came to the realization that while intellectually rewarding, an academic career closed off too many avenues of interest that he had yet to explore. Hoping to explore these avenues of interest he created the La(z)y Intellectual as a means of sharing his experiences and promoting the pursuit of meaningful knowledge that our hyperkinetic life often precludes. His current interests lie in Politics, Sexuality, Discourse, and Language. To further his knowledge in each of these areas, and to promote his ideas to a wider audience, his is currently learning Arabic and French.

You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, or email him for more information or to suggest new content.


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