The Archives

Welcome to the Archives, your personal time machine and the location of anything and everything to do with the production of the La(z)y Intellectual!

Unlike the archives found on other websites which can only move backwards in time, our Archive is capable of moving forwards. How? By re-evaluating how an archive operates in a digital world, free from physical restrictions and limitations, we’ve managed to innovate on the concept in a way that points towards new possibilities and a more dynamic way of recording the past.

With the unlimited space of the internet, and the trivial cost associated with publishing to it, we no longer need to limit ourselves to archiving documents that represent a final product; we can include the documents essential to their creation: drafts, transcripts, and research materials. By including these supplementary elements in our archive we’ve provided you with the tools you need to follow the La(z)y Intellectual’s ideas from their initial flash of inspiration to their eventual publication.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to the Archives!

Artwork:           Drafts:           Interviews:  

Recent Documents:

1. From the Writer’s Desk: Living Up to My Name 

2. Who Speaks for Islam?  

3. How I Lost My Voice and Found it Again  

Rejected Columns:

  • Things You Might have Missed  
  • Putting the Pieces Together  

Site Redesigns:

  • The La(z)y Intellectual Background  
  • The La(z)y Intellectual Header  

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