What(z) in a Name?

The name La(z)y Intellectual is a play on words. If you remove the bracketed you are left with the title “Lay Intellectual.” A layperson, to which this is a reference, is defined as a “person without profession or specialized knowledge.” Consequently, a “Lay Intellectual” is someone who thinks intellectually, and applies the same methodologies to a problem as an accredited intellectual (e.g. an academic) would, but has not received the same level of training and accreditation. By adding the Z to the title it is implied that not only is a La(z)y Intellectual not accredited, they have a more laidback approach to their studies.

As graduate schools (or other forms of accreditation) are not always a viable option for every individual, due to familial, financial, or other reasons, many pursue their studies during their spare time and at a more leisurely pace. While unaccredited, and not able to commit the same amount of time to a subject as an academic, these individuals are no less capable of discussing complex issues and making important contributions. It is for this audience, these “La(z)y Intellectuals” that like to push themselves to think about difficult subjects in new ways, that this website is oriented towards.

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